Dedicated Jib Arm

Boat is setup with 23' long jib arm and a EZFX 25 remote pan and tilt head.

Jib is mounted to high platform and can go from water level up to 30' in the air in one quick move.

This jib is perfect for stills and lighter (25lbs or less) video cameras or digital SLR cameras AND TRAVELS WITH BOAT.

Pro Jib Arm With
Stabilizer Heads

The boat can be configurated for a film industry pro jib arm that can be rented or supplied by customer

Safety-Support Boat

Boat is setup with a rescue Jet Ski ramp in back of boat for rapid deployment of Ski or video support of mobile film platform.

Wing Boat

Boat is setup with 14 foot long aluminum “wings” that place you and a helper around 12' out from boat sides and approximately 14' high off water at camera height.

Shuttle Boat

Ultra stable and fast power catamaran design has a top speed of 45 MPH on nearly all conditions.